Frequently Asked Questions

I love your mini cookies, do you make bigger cookies as well?

At this time only our mini-cookie sets are available in stores. However, we routinely bake bigger cookies for clients interested in a custom order. Please have a look at our portfolio for a better idea of what we can do.

Where are you located?

The TeenyTiny Bakery is located in Toronto - in a part of town called "The Junction".

Do you ship cookies? Will they break?

We have shipped cookies all over the place and have not encountered any problems with breakage. We pack our cookies very carefully and usually include a few extra just in case. Courier service is available for customers within Toronto.

Are your cookies gluten free or nut free?

No. Our cookies are not gluten free and although we do not specifically add any peanut or tree nut ingredients, we can not guarantee that our cookies are free of these products.

How much are your cookies?

This is a difficult question to answer since each order is different. However, a reasonable estimate would be $2 to $3 per mini and $4 to $6 per large cookie.

Do you have a minimum order?

Yes. Large cookies start at a minimum order of 24 and mini cookies start at a minimum order of 48.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! We have done cookies for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, baby showers, schools, charities... you name it!

How much advanced notice do you need for custom orders?

Of course this depends on the size of the order. However, 3 to 4 weeks would be nice.

Do you do wholesale for retailers?

Yes. We are currently working with a number of retailers. Please contact us for more information.